Future Plans

Name: The Island Server: !Wiped[2/5][www.arkalot.com][PvP][10XP][15xREST][MODS]

Multipliers: XP Multiplier: 10x | Harvesting Multiplier: 15x | Taming Speed: 15x | Lay Egg Interval 1.2x | Dino Harvesting Multiplier: 3.0x | Egg Hatch Speed: 2.0x | Baby Mature Speed: 2x | Spoiling Multiplier: 3x | Platform Saddle Modifier: 2x | Everything else is 1x.

Mods: Death Helper | Pet Finder | Resource Stacks | Admin Rifle | Seven's Forge Kit | GlassMetal | Egg N Poop Collector N Incubator | Raft Extender | Reusable Plus

Player/Dino Changes: Player Health 2x | Player Stamina: 2x |Player Oxygen 5x | Player Weight: 10x | Player Fortitude: 4x | Player Crafting Speed: 10x | Dino Health: 1.2x | Dino Weight: 1.5x. Dino Stamina 1.5x | Dino Mele 1.2x | Dino Speed 1.5x

Other changes: Max Level of player 150 with ALL engrams unlocked at max level. Max level of wild dinos 150.