Server Rules

Rules for: The Island: Name: !Wiped[2/5][][PvP][10XP][15xREST][MODS]

1. As long as you are not blocking an artifact you may build in a cave. (THERE IS STILL 6X DAMAGE WHEN BUILDING IN CAVES.)

2. You may only start PvPing/Raiding on 5 days after the server has been up so on 2/10/17.

3. If someone is obviously new to the server don't be a dick and raid them. We want everyone to have fun and be able to build up their defenses instead of being wiped a few hours or days into the server.

4. We want tasteful PvP/Raiding so don't kill anything that isn't necessary to complete the raid. Only kill/destroy what is necessary. If you do not want your dinos killed when raided put them on passive and they SHOULD NOT BE KILLED. If someone has proof of you (such as tribe logs) that you killed passive dinos it will be delt with.

5. You can raid admins we are playing this game just as fairly as you are. We are fair game for raiding and being raided.